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An open letter to the Board

No Action Requested At This Time!

Our Petition

We are grateful to the many Sea Ranchers, and to the many other friends of Sea Ranch, who indicated their support for the following statement to the Sea Ranch Board:

 Stop the plans for logging within The Sea Ranch!
 It is insulting to pretend to the TSRA membership that this would be good for the forest.
 Logging it betrays both the original intent for acquiring that forest, and the nature of 
 the Sea Ranch as a community that lives lightly on the land.
We believe that the vocal support of so many people was instrumental in helping to persuade the Board to take a look at other ways to manage the central forest.

Given the Board's current suspension of the logging plans, we are not requesting further petition signatures at this time.

Do join our mailing list if you wish to remain informed of any further developments. Our group will probably (after taking a few weeks' rest) organize forest-centered activities along both educational and artistic lines; getting on the mailing list will ensure you are notified of such events. Click the green button at the top right of this page to enter your contact information for the mailing list.