Responses to Pro-Logging Leaflets Issued March 2, 2016

The NTMP Subcommittee issued a set of leaflets in early March to discuss concerns about their logging proposal.

While there are some informative and positive aspects to these documents, those aspects are interleaved with responses to straw-man arguments that frame the opposition to logging in unreasonable ways. Far from dispelling misinformation, those parts of the recent documents add disinformation to the discussion.

It is tempting to bypass responding to the disinformation and simply address the positive developments. To skip directly to our discussion of those positive elements in the NTMP Subcommittee's responses, follow these links:

Lest we be accused again of “not listening,” we will resist the temptation to simply ignore the disinformation. The following web pages respond to the leaflets distributed on March 2, 2016 as briefly as possible.

There is much to be said in response to the other leaflets, but given the suspension of logging plans by the Board, we are also pleased to suspend further comments.