The proposed NTMP notes eight “erosion control points” where there are existing erosion problems in the central forest, and it proposes work to control those problems (p. 20–21). The sites are all on old logging roads.

The solutions proposed in the NTMP are predicated on the assumption that logging roads must be maintained in the forest in order to exploit it.

It is illogical to assert that one of the justifications for logging the forest is to control these erosion problems, without examining how we might control those problems without logging. There is no apparent record of anyone having investigated this.

A good start would be to consult the appropriate specialist: a geologist or soil scientist with an interest in erosion processes.

But in the interim, here are some ideas from the academic literature:

The NTMP describes mitigation strategies for many new erosion problems (p 23–39). Mitigation means to alleviate, not to solve, a problem. Thus NTMP itself acknowledges the logging work will introduce new erosion problems.

These new problems can be avoided (rather than merely mitigated) by refraining from logging.