About the TSR Forest Preservation Group

We are respectful guardians of the principle of living lightly on the land, for the sake of preserving the health of the forest in a minimally invasive way.
Our immediate goal: stopping the current logging plan and implementing a fire management and fuel reduction plan with far less impact on the forest.

Our organizing committee includes the following Sea Ranchers:

Nicole Holmes (nholmes35@gmail.com )
Sandy Hughes (sandyhughes@sbcglobal.net )
Seryozha Krysti (skdesign@mcn.org )
Marla Skibbins (marla.skibbins@gmail.com )
David Skibbins (dskibbins@gmail.com)
Roland Pesch (rhp@kar-rhp.org)

We are honored to have the explicit support of a rapidly growing number (currently over a hundred) of TSRA members, and a similar number of TSR renters, visitors, former TSR residents, and neighbors in the wider community.

About the “Saw Ranch” Web Site

This website is intended to counter the pro-logging slant of the NTMP documents on the Sea Ranch Association website.