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Logging Plan Suspended

On 13 March 2016, the Sea Ranch Association's Board of Directors announced that they have suspended the logging plan, with the following text:

... the Board voted unanimously to suspend current NTMP activities (including the NTMP Board subcommittee), in order to begin conceptualizing possible options for a revised planning approach for the CTPZ. The Directors do not, will not, and legally cannot, walk away from our management obligations for the CTPZ and other commons. Conditions exist that we are duty-bound to confront. By our Sunday vote, we hope to re-visit these issues in the months ahead with fresh eyes and the respectful contributions of the membership. Just as some members have asked us to re-open our minds and to consider our options, we will be asking the same of all members.

We thank the Board for their vision and courage in suspending the logging plans for the central forest. They are doing the right thing at this time in proposing to “begin conceptualizing possible options for a revised planning approach for the CTPZ.” Now that more members have become interested in plans for the forest, a renewed examination of forest conditions, goals, and management options is perhaps more viable than was the case before.

Pending this renewed process, we do not expect further updates to this website any time soon. At the same time, since many confusing documents in favor of logging remain on the Association website, this website will also remain visible for the foreseeable future as a counterbalance.

Do join our mailing list if you wish to remain informed of any further developments. Our group will probably (after taking a few weeks' rest) organize forest-centered activities along both educational and artistic lines; getting on the mailing list will ensure you are notified of such events.

What was the logging proposal?

Most of the following information is most easily verified in the NTMP FAQ, which was prepared by the logging proponents (you'll need to log in to before the links to the NTMP FAQ will work).